My current open source Android setup

This is a list of open source Android applications on my phone which I use all the time and highly recommend to people.

I’d also love to hear what your favorite open source Android applications are or even some recommendations in the comments.




Conversations is probably the best XMPP/Jabber client available for Android in my opinion. It is a beautiful client that supports just about everything you could ever need, has a very low impact on your battery, and even more importantly comes with support for three end-to-end encryption options for you to choose from.

These options include OMEMO, Off-the-Record (OTR), and OpenPGP.

Conversations also supports the following XMPP Extensions (XEP):

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Firefox setup - Early 2017

This is just a list of my current Firefox setup mostly for my personal reference. All of the extensions are E10 compatible. Please feel free to recommend other open source extensions that you may know of.

My first step for this setup was to create an initial ‘hardened’ profile generated via the great Firefox Profilemaker website.

Update: All of these extensions have been upgraded to WebExtensions by their respective developers aside from “No Resource URI Leak”.


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Just got my EFF Passphrase Dice

I just received my ‘passphrase’ dice from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and they look great.

They were a gift option in the EFF’s “Summer Security Reboot” drive that ran for two weeks in July. The dice (or any dice for that matter) act as random number generators for creating secure passphrases and coincide with the use of their new wordlist that improves upon the original Diceware list.

Electronic Frontier Foundation's Passphrase Dice

The directions for using dice to generate passphrases are relatively simple:

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