My Mechanical Keyboard Collection

I am a huge proponent of mechanical keyboards and have slowly amassed a small collection of them over the years.

This post details my current collection and is mostly meant for my own future reference, but I thought it would be worth sharing as well as I know there are a lot of people like me out there that might find it interesting.

I’d also love to see what your collections look like as well. :)

My Current Collection

ALPS Switches

Keyboard Part Number
Apple Macintosh Keyboard M0110
Apple Macintosh Plus Keyboard M0110A
Apple Extended Keyboard M0115
Apple Extended Keyboard II M3501
Apple Extended Keyboard II M3501
Apple Extended Keyboard II M3501

Buckling Spring Switches

One of the great things about these keyboards is that they had ‘birth certificates’ on the back that list their build dates.

Keyboard Part Number Build Date
IBM Model F 4584656 Approx 1981-1983
IBM Model M 1390120 Oct 27, 1986
IBM Model M 1391240 Mar 16, 1987
IBM Model M 1391401 Jun 01, 1987
IBM Model M 1390131 Nov 18, 1988
IBM 3178 Terminal 5640991 Feb 11, 1989
IBM Model M 1394540 May 10, 1991
IBM Model M 1391401 Mar 05, 1992
IBM Model M 1391401 Nov 17, 1992
IBM Model M 82G2383 Jun 20, 1995
Unicomp Ultra Classic 103 UB49P4A Apr 13, 2015

Cherry Switches

Keyboard Part Number Switch Type
Cherry G84-4100 ML4100PAU/00 Cherry ML
Cherry G84-4100 ML4100PAUS/03 Cherry ML
FILCO Majestouch Tenkeyless FKBN87MC/NPEK Cherry MX Blue

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