Firefox setup - Early 2017

This is just a list of my current Firefox setup mostly for my personal reference. All of the extensions are E10 compatible. Please feel free to recommend other open source extensions that you may know of.

My first step for this setup was to create an initial ‘hardened’ profile generated via the great Firefox Profilemaker website.

Update: All of these extensions have been upgraded to WebExtensions by their respective developers aside from “No Resource URI Leak”.



Helps prevent websites from using the Javascript <canvas> API to fingerprint you. You have the choice of outright blocking the requests or replying with fake information.

Dark Mode

Aids in browsing at night by letting you switch websites to a dark color scheme. It has a white list to exclude sites and comes with multiple themes as well.


Helps protect against tracking by serving many popular libraries (e.g., JQuery, etc.) locally.

GNOME Shell integration

Provides integration with GNOME Shell and the extensions repository.

Prevents Google from modifying the search result links when you click them and helps with privacy by preventing it from recording your clicks.

History AutoDelete

Automatically deletes history entries after a set time frame. It can also be configured to only clear certain domains.


Automatically switches many sites you visit to their secure (HTTPS) version.

Removes utm_* and Amazon tracking parameters from URLs.

No Resource URI Leak

Hides private and important metadata of your browser, usually obtainable using resource:// URIs, against the Web.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger automatically blocks spying ads and invisible trackers as you browse. If a domain appears to be tracking you on multiple websites the request is blocked from being sent to the tracking domain.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

A suite of tools to enhance Reddit.

uBlock Origin

An efficient ad blocker that is easier on your memory and CPU than many other alternatives.


Allows you to send articles to your Wallabag instance so that you can read them later. It also has the ability to edit the title, tags, and delete as needed.

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From: microfracture
2017-03-28 15:47

Hi Ivan,
I am glad that you enjoyed the article and were inspired to write your own version. Currently giving the extension you mentioned for TTRSS a try. :)

From: Ivan
2017-03-28 03:55

Nice article! Thank you for sharing. You've expired me to write my own version of this article.

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