My recommended Brackets extensions

This is a listing of twenty-five extensions for Brackets, an excellent MIT licensed web development editor, which I use and recommend.

These extensions can be installed from the extension manager within Brackets by searching it using the exact names shown.

Additionally, all the extensions within this list (aside from one which is public domain) are MIT licensed as well.

Name Description
Autoprefixer Adds or removes vendor prefixes within your CSS files automatically where appropriate according to data from Can I Use.
Beautify Formats and beautifies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for easy-to-read code.
Brackets CSS Color Preview Allows you to preview colors within your CSS file by displaying them in a column to the left of the line.
Brackets Icons Adds icons to the file tree.
Brackets Outline List Displays the list of functions or definitions within your currently opened file. It has support for JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, SCSS, LESS, XML, HTML, SVG, Markdown and PHP.
Brackets Tools Adds some useful features to Brackets. Some of the features include HTML tag stripping, converting a list of words into arrays, encoding/decoding, and case changing. Another good extension that is very similar to this one is BracketstoIX.
colorHints Adds already used hex colors within your CSS file to your auto-completion list for quick access. Sorts colors by brightness and shortens them if possible (#222222 becomes #222).
Documents Toolbar Shows your working file list as tabs.
Emmet Emmet is a toolkit which allows you to improve your workflow by generating HTML via the use of abbreviations inspired by CSS selectors.
Extensions Rating Upgrades the Extension Manager. Displays more information about an extension and sorts them based on downloads and GitHub statistics.
HTML Templates Allows you to insert HTML templates based on standard HTML doctypes and various frameworks such as Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, Foundation, and more into your working document.
Indent Guides Shows indent guides within the editor.
Indentator Allows you to re-indent your entire file based on your current indentation settings. Licensed under the Public Domain.
Interactive Linter Integrates linters such as JSHint, JSLint, ESLint, JSCS, CoffeeLint, etc and runs them as you work on your code for instant feedback.
Markdown Preview Creates a live preview of Markdown documents. Syncs your scrolling between the two panels and has multiple themes and formats to choose from.
Minimap Adds a minimap to Brackets which shows your code in a small preview and allows you to scroll throughout the document by clicking on various sections of it.
PHP Code Quality Tools Adds the ability to lint PHP files within Brackets. It will also check the document using PHP CodeSniffer and PHP Copy/Paste Detector (PHPCPD) if they are installed.
PHP SmartHints Adds code hinting for PHP to Brackets.
Proper Indent Automatically detects and switches indentation settings according to the indentation used within the current file.
Quick Search Adds smart highlighting which highlights every occurrence of the phrase you are searching for.
Reasonable Comments A simple enhancement for typing block comments. After pressing Enter, the next line is automatically prefixed with a properly indented asterisk. It automatically closes the comment as well.
Show Whitespace Allows you to visualize whitespace within a document.
spell-check Integrates the great “After the Deadline” spell checker into Brackets.
Todo Displays all TODO comments within a current document or project.
White Space Sanitizer Sanitizes whitespace within your document. It trims trailing spaces and tabs, handles and offers to fix documents with mixed tabs and spaces, and ensures that a newline is always at the end of the file.

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