Just got my EFF Passphrase Dice

I just received my ‘passphrase’ dice from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and they look great.

They were a gift option in the EFF’s “Summer Security Reboot” drive that ran for two weeks in July. The dice (or any dice for that matter) act as random number generators for creating secure passphrases and coincide with the use of their new wordlist that improves upon the original Diceware list.

Electronic Frontier Foundation's Passphrase Dice

The directions for using dice to generate passphrases are relatively simple:

  1. Roll five dice all at once.
  2. Write the resulting numbers down (e.g., 1,3,5,4,4)
  3. Open the EFF’s wordlist and find the word which corresponds with your generated number (13544).
  4. Write down your word. If you use the number I generated above it would be “body”.
  5. Repeat the steps until you have six words and you are done.

It should end up looking something like “body trowel attest femur glutinous mango” when you are done.

If you are interested in more information check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Official Dice page.

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