My favorite podcasts of 2015 (and a request for new recommendations)

This is a list of the podcasts that I watched and/or listened to in 2015. I highly recommend checking them out as many are quite excellent in my opinion.

I do have another reason for posting this today and that is because I would love would love it if anyone reading this would recommend podcasts that they personally enjoy so that I can check them out and expand my horizons further for this new year.

  1. All About Android

    As the name implies it discusses just about everything related to Android. News, Hardware, Applications, and How-tos. It is part of the TWiT Network and is hosted by Jason Howell, Florence Ion, and Ron Richards.

  2. Android App Arena

    This podcast is simply a weekly pick of Android applications which generally includes hands-on demos and category shoot-outs. It is also part of the TWiT network and is hosted by Jason Howell.

  3. Android Central Podcast

    Another great Android podcast with a wide range of topics brought to you by the folks at Android Central.

  4. Best Linux Games Podcast

    A podcast for the latest news, reviews, deals, and overall discussion of Linux games available on Steam. It is hosted by Seth Flynn Barkan (Skookiesprite).

  5. Common Sense with Dan Carlin

    A look at (and evaluation of) topics related to news, political trends, and current events.

  6. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

    Explores various topics throughout world history and generally centers around specific historical events.

  7. FLOSS Weekly

    A podcast that interviews interesting people from various FLOSS projects or companies. It is part of the TWiT network and is hosted by Randal Schwartz along side a rotating panel of co-hosts.

  8. Linux Action Show

    A great show which covers just about everything in the Linux and FLOSS world. It is part of Jupiter Broadcasting and is currently hosted by Chris Fisher and Noah Chelliah.

  9. LinuxGameCast Weekly

    A Linux gaming podcast featuring news, reviews, and many other topics. It is hosted by Venn Stone, Jordan Cwang, and Pedro Mateus.

  10. Linux Unplugged

    This is more or less a spin-off of the Linux Action Show. It is hosted by Chris Fisher and Matt Hartley along side various people from their public Mumble server.

  11. Serial

    Serial tells a true story over the course of a season. It is from the creators of This American Life and is hosted by Sarah Koenig.

    The first season recently ended and revolved around a man in prison for the alleged murder of his girlfriend who has always proclaimed his innocence. The newest season revolves around Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier, who had been imprisoned by the Taliban for nearly five years.

  12. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

    A podcast for variety of topics including science and movies. Hosted by Adam Savage, Norman Chan, and Will Smith.

  13. Stuff You Should Know

    As the name implies it is a podcast revolving around things and how they work. Some recent examples are the Great Wall of China, Gossiping, and Reverse Psychology. It is hosted by Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark.

  14. The New Screen Savers

    A variety show for technology which discusses technology news, innovations, products, and various trends. Viewers/Listeners also receive help with tech issues live during the show.

    It is part of the TWiT network and is hosted by Leo Laporte, Megan Morrone, Jason Howell, Father Robert Ballecer and Bryan Burnett. From time to time it also includes special guest co-hosts such as Patrick Norton, Kate Botello, Kevin Rose, and Martin Sargent.

  15. This American Life

    Each episode is centered around a specific theme with a variety of stories revolving around it generally in a first person narrative. It is hosted by Ira Glass.

  16. This Week in Tech

    An excellent technology related round-table discussion podcast that I have listened to for many years. It is also the “flag-ship” podcast for the TWiT network and is hosted by Leo Laporte alongside random co-hosts.

  17. Triangulation

    Each episode brings on people who are a part of many of the most important topics in technology.

    For example: Recent shows included the creator of Tor, Adblock Plus, and the president of American Megatrends, Inc. It is part of the TWiT network and is hosted by Leo Laporte.

  18. Upvoted

    Reddit’s official podcast. It offers a behind the scenes look at people and their stories sourced from Reddit contributions.

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